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Temporary list 3 (page 3).(March 12th 2005).
-Documentary on Maria Olaru (1 hour, Pal, vn 261).
-Rsg Gymnastics Masters (finals, good, Pal, vn 62).

-Russian artistic Nationals (women, AA, finals, Homevideo + Russian tv, Pal, vn 298 and 299).
-Spain Rhythmics Groups Championships (Good, Pal, vn 270).
-Russian Rhythmics Championships (Pal, good, vn 106).
-International Rsg Meet of Selyazzano (Italy, Pal, good, vn 60).

-Germany vs Romania Junior meet (Pal, good, vn 306).
-Russian senior women team: trainings in Grugloye 'Round Lake' (Hv, 3 hours, Pal, good, vn 8).
-Russian Nationals (Pal, good, vn 273).
-Russian Cup (Prelims, AA, finals, senior w, junior w, good, Pal, vn 20, vn 65).
-Golden Challenge in Dijon and Strasbourg (Homevideo, good, vn 74).
-Rsg meet Germany-Belgium-Netherlands(Pal, good, vn 81).
-Rsg Gymnastics Masters (German Tv, Finals, good, vn 62).

-Russian Junior Nationals (3h 57, Pal, good, vn 11).

-Rsg meet Germany-Netherlands-Belgium (Pal, black/white record, vn 81).
-artistic Russian Cup (good, 48 min., Pal, vn 316).
-International Rsg meet of Prato (Italy, Pal, good, vn 60).

-artistic European Championships trainings (good, Secam, vn 314).
-Germany vs Romania dual meet (trainings + competition, homevideo, pal, good, vn 306).
-Tierno Galvan Memorial (Women AA, TVE Channel, good, Pal, vn 268).
-International Rsg meet of Thessaloniki (Secam, vn 94).
-Rsg Dtb Cup in Karlsruhe (AA + finals, good, vn 62).

-Spanish Rsg championships (Pal, Homevideo, excellent, vn 13).

-Ussr exhibition in Spain (Pal, TVE, good, vn 50).
-Romania vs Spain dual meet (Pal, good, vn 50).
-Ussr Nationals (women compulsories and optionals, homevideo, vn 83).

-Rsg meet 'Women's day' Rsg Cup in Prague (AA, finals, with Skaldina, vn 95).
-Leningrad International (women AA, finals, vn 310).
-Moscow News (junior+senior women AA, Homevideo, Pal, vn 319).

-Moscow CSKA trainings with Bitcherova, Gurova, Schevchenko (Pal, good, vn 304).
-Moscow Dynamo trainings (Pal, vn 304).
-Romania vs Germany meet (highlights, Pal, good, vn 306).

-Meet Usa vs Ussr (Good, vn 315).

-Rhythmic Worlds in Valladolid (Spain, all the finals, Pal, good, vn 252).
-Doc. from the Bulgarian Tv about the Rhythmics 80's Stars (Pal, vn 270).
-International Juniors (Pal, fair, vn 72).

-Druzhba (13 min, Homevideo, women team, Pal, vn 264).
-Rsg International meet of Valladolid (Pal, good, vn 106).

-Junior Europeans (women AA, homevideo, Pal, okay, vn 310).
-Moscow News (Pal, Okay, vn 72).
-Soviet Cup (Pal, Okay, vn 72).

-Moscow News (Pal, Okay, vn 72).
-European Championships (Finals women, good, Pal, vn 317).
-Junior International (Women finals, NHK, Pal, vn 319).

-World Championships (Team, finals, Pal, Spanish Tv, good, vn 303, an exceptional record!).

-World Cup (Pal, good, vn 50).

-Ussr exhibition (13min., Espn Classic, vn 253).

-Usa vs Ussr (40 min., women AA+EF, Pal, vn 264).
-Riga International (26 min., Pal, vn 264).
-Us Nationals (highlights, 6 min., Espn, vn 264).

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