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Temporary list 3 (page 2).(March 12th 2005).
-Cottbus International Grand Prix (men, women, good, Pal, vn 313).
-Corbeil Essonnes rhythmics Tournament (Homevideo, good, vn 308).
-Romanian Nationals (women AA, women and men finals, Romanian Tv, good, vn 266, vn 271).
-Romanian Internationals (Pal, TVR, good, vn 96, vn 61).
-Meet Great-Britain vs Russia (1 hour 50 min, Pal, vn 261).
-France-Russia Display in Givet (women, rhythmics, acrosports, Pal, good, vn 302).
-British Nationals (women finals, seniors and juniors, Sky Sports, Pal, vn 262).
-Russian Artistic Nationals (March 2003, AA, Women, men, Pal, good, 4 hours, vn9).
-European Youth Olympics days (finals, homevideo, good, vn10).
-Massilia Gym Cup (55 minutes, France3, DVD record, excellent, Pal).
-Russian Cup (June 2003, Russian Tv, w and m, AA, finals, Pal, very good, vn 14 and vn 15).
-Rsg Russian Championships (Russian Tv, AA, Pal, very good, vn 21).
-Rsg Russian Championships (Russian Tv, finals, Pal, very good, vn 318).
-Deryugina Cup (Pal, Ukrainian Tv, good, vn 21).
-Spanish report about Elena Gomez (Tve, Pal, very good, vn 21).
-Report about Almudena Cid Tostado (Tve, Pal, very good, vn 21).
-Rsg Thiais Tournament trainings (Homevideo, Pal, very good, vn 271).
-Italia-Great Britain- Netherlands-Isr. women artistic meet (Raisport, Pal, vn 89).

-Italy-Germany-France (women, Team, Raisport, 41 minutes, Pal, good, vn 319).
-Moscow Rhythmics Grand prix (Russian Tv, good, vn 307).
-Russian Nationals: artistic women AA and finals (Russian Tv, Pal, good, vn 16 and vn 263).
-Russian Nationals: artistic men AA and finals (Russian Tv, Pal, good, vn 17 and vn 263).
-Russian Championships of September (men, women, good, Pal, Russian Tv, vn 317).
-Massilia Gym Cup (Tv + homevideo, good, vn 312).
-French Internationals (qualifications, m, w, Russian Tv, Pal, vn 19).
-Como Cup (Pal, very good, vn 55).
-British Nationals highlights (Sky Sports, 25 minutes, Pal, good, vn 319).
-Meet The Netherlands vs Great- Britain (Pal, good, vn 55).
-Dutch Europeans Trials (Pal, good, vn 55).
-Olympic Gala in Antwerp (Belgium, good, Pal, vn 86).
-Rsg Russian Nationals + December gala of the rhythmics Russian Stars (Pal, very good, vn 86).
-Rsg Russian Nationals for the regional teams (Pal, good, vn 91).
-Doc about Khorkina ' Zolotoi Pedestal' (Golden Pedestal) (Russian tv, Pal, good, vn 86).
-Mobitel Rsg Grand Prix in Sofia (Bulgarian Tv, good, Pal, vn 89).
-Gala '50 Years of the Bulgarian rhythmics' (Bulgarian Tv, good, Pal, vn 89).
-Documentary about the Bulgarian rhythmics (Bulgarian Tv, good, Pal, vn 89).
-International Rsg meet of Thiais (Pal, finals, vn 274).
-International Rsg meet of Calais (Pal, finals, vn 274 and vn 66).

-DTB Pokal Cup (Pal, very good, vn 70).
-Report about Zamolodchikova (2001, Pal, good, vn 12).
-Cottbus Cup (German Tv, Pal, very good, vn 12 and vn 23, vn 69).
-German Liga (Clubs nationals, Pal, good, vn 23).
-Deryugina Cup (Rsg, AA+finals, vn 272).
-Report from the Spain Tv: the daily life of the women Spanish team (Very good, Pal, vn 106).
-Documentary from the Spain Tv 'Escuela del Deporte' (Pal, very good, vn 68):
  *women Spanish team trainings.
  *Rhythmics in Spain.
  *The men team of Spain.
-5th International Berlin Rsg Masters (Pal, vn 91).
-France-Romania junior meet (Homevideo, vn 92).
-Massilia Gym Cup (Trainings + Gala + team event, Homevideo, vn 92).

-Slovenian Rsg Internationals (Pal, good, vn 272).
-Junior meet Netherlands vs Czech Republic (Pal, good, vn 61).

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