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Temporary list 3 (page 1).(March 12th 2005).
We have divided the list in 3 pages (2004/2005, 2003 to 2000, 1999 and before. We also follow step by step the insertion of the tapes on the list.
I can trade both tapes and Dvds. I also trade for costs (Paypal is the easiest payment way).

-Rhythmics Grand Prix in Minsk (Belarus, Pal, good, finals + gala, vn 309).
-Artistic Grand Prix in Rio (Brazil, Pal, men, women, good, vn 305).
-Blume International meeting (Spain, men, women, very good, vn 305).
-International artistic Grand Prix of Chile (men, women, Russian Tv, Pal, good, vn 301).
-Rhythmics Grand Prix in Moscow (Russian Tv, good, Pal, vn 320).
-Glasgow Grand Prix (all the finals, men, women, Spanish Tv, Pal, very good, vn 300).
-Parkettes Invitational (good, vn 311).
-Swiss Cup (Sports+ Channel, DVD record, excellent, vn 269).
-Massilia Cup (Pal, DVD record, excellent, vn 267).
-Romanian Nationals (women AA, women finals, Romanian TV, very good, vn 255).
-Italia-Romania (artistic gym men meeting, very good, Pal, vn 251).
-Great-Britain vs Russia meet (Homevideo, Pal, vn 262).
-WOGA Classic (2h 40 min., Homevideo, vn 264 and vn 311).
-Fano Rsg International meet (good, Pal, vn 251).
-Prato Rsg International meet (good, Pal, vn 251).
-Nizhni Novgorod rhythmics meet (Rsg ensembles, Pal, vn 258).
-Athens Olympics Women prelims (subd 1, 2, 3, 4, Pal, BBC, vn 253 and vn 262).
-Documentary on the Greek national rhythmics training center (Pal, vn 113).
-Italian Clubs championships (artistic gymnastics, Pal, m, w, Pal, vn 113).
-Italy vs Spain women meet (juniors and seniors, Pal, vn 113).
-Us Olympic Trials (2h 54min, Pal, good, vn 110).
-Us Nationals (2h 07 min, Pal, good, vn 111 and vn 254).
-International rhythmics Tournament of Prato (Homevideo, very good, Pal, vn 114).
-International Rsg meet of Corbeil Essonnes (French Tv, very good, DVD record, vn 257).
-European Championships (men, team, AA, Secam, good, vn 112 and vn 115).
-European Championships (women, AA, finals, Secam, good, vn 115 and vn 256).
-European Championships (women AA, Eurosport coverage, good, vn 258).
-European Championships (women, junior team event + trainings, Homevideo, vn 259).
-European Championships (women senior trainings, Homevideo, Pal, very good, vn 259).
-Russian Cup (June 2004, Russian Tv, m,w, finals, Pal, good, vn 116).
-Deryugina Cup (Pal, Russian Tv, Good, vn 1).
-Athens Pre-Olympics (w and m, Greek Tv, good, Pal, vn 2).
-Athens Pre-Olympics (Rhythmics, Greek Tv, Pal, good, vn 2 and vn 3).
-Romanian Internationals (AA, Finals, m and w, Romanian Tv, Pal, good, vn 4 and vn 5).
-Cottbus Cup (m, w, whole coverage, Russian Tv, Pal, good, vn 6 and vn 7).
-Cottbus Cup (m,w, finals, excellent, Secam, vn 10).
-Thiais Rhythmics Tournament (finals, Homevideo, vn 10).
-Thiais Rhythmics Tournament (junior AA, groups, qualifs Grand Prix, Gala, Homevideo, vn 22).
-Italian Rsg clubs championships (Good, vn 18 and vn 3).

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