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By Bernard.

DVD: Digital Versatile Disc is the new storage medium easy to use. The DVD video technology uses the MPEG2 data compression format and allows us to copy a movie, a film on a single disc.
We can directly record an event or a report from the Tv (we are doing so since now two months) and we can also transfer a tape recording on a DVD.
This is not an 'Alien' invention, this is just an excellent new storage medium.
What is the maximum recording time per disc?
In theory, we can record between one hour (best numeric quality) and 6 hours (Super Long Play). After several tries we are usually recording 2 hours per DVD, sometimes 3 hours when the image from the tape is clear, clean and perfectly contrasted.
To get the best quality, two hours per disc is a right way, to get a good picture mixed with an economy of disc numbers, three hours can be used per disc.
We can record on DVDs a large part of the competitions and documentaries listed on our gym tapes list.
Of course the quality of the record still depends on the initial tape tracking quality.
All the events we have labelled with 'excellent', 'very good' or 'good' levels give similar quality levels for the DVD 'tracking'.
The real possibility to record a 'fair' or lower quality tape will depend on the picture sharpeness, it's still possible to get a correct record with colored and contrasted films.
Any Secam record will be converted in Pal video format, our DVD writer is automatically doing the conversion. We can also create DVDs with the Ntsc format:
-if the initial tape is from Secam or Pal, the use of the Ntsc is requesting a 'pre-conversion' : Secam to Ntsc or Pal to Ntsc.
-Any event initially taped in Ntsc is directly recorded in this format by the writer.
As we are doing for tapes, we can do DVDs trades (and we can create DVDs for cost too). we add soon more informations about the DVDs readers, the formats, the zones systems and how to read DVDs from all zones (Europa, Asia, USa/Canada).
To talk with us about this topic, to trade with us, don't hesitate and send us an e-mail.

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