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By Martina and Bernard.

The 2003 Dtb Cup.

Our friend Martina yearly went to Stuttgart attending the famous DTB Pokal Cup. Here is her 2003 report, passion for gymnastics is her motivation, like us on Kostiskal.
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Day 1: qualifications.

Like every year we had to get up in the middle of the night to catch the train to Stuttgart at 6:00 am. After going for about 3 hours we stopped in Frankfurt where my friend Irit from Israel entered the train to meet us and go the rest of the way together. In the train I also received a call from my friend Stefan from Switzerland who told me, that he had arrived in the hotel. He was a bit bored, so he decided to pick us up at the train station in Stuttgart, and we then went to the hotel again together with the tram.

As we couldn't check in yet we let them lock away our luggage. We got our information on the competition days and then just waited for the shuttle bus to the Schleyer hall which would go at 12. We then already met some people who also stay in the hotel every year to visit the competition. Well, once we arrived at the hall after sitting in the bus for about half an hour we went straight to the arena. The competition was about to start soon, so I just got my camera and stuff ready. When doing so and having a first look around we met my friend Lena and chatted around.

Gymnastics Stars in Stuttgart.

The women would start with the qualification on beam. Stefan had his seat in the third row at the side of the beam, so we just joined him until the owners of those seats came. We only had to change seats for the last few gymnasts. Then the hall was filling up. Until then I was able to take many photos from a very good position! Unfortunately there have been many falls on beam. In the end Harmes qualified in first with Slater following in second place. Both Romanians and also Pavlova had falls, but luckily they still managed to reach the final! Khorkina had several wobbles. Yarodska was really unlucky with falling more than once and putting herself out of the final this way.

For the qualifications on floor and vault I went to my own place in the 8th row alongside the floor and vaulting runway. Also from there I could take photos pretty well. In front of me were some kids who were not able to sit down and watch for just one minute, but this way I didn`t have any heads in front of me which was an advantage for sure! This time sitting down in the first row didn't make sense, because the seats where built up a bit different and you had a barrier in front of your nose. In the second row it was much better though, so I went to sit down there for the qualification on bars. This way I could also move to the side which brought me much nearer to the apparatus. From that position I also tried to take some portrait photos as the gymnasts used that corner to wait for their turn.

Gymnastics Stars in Stuttgart.

During the break and in between when only the men competed we also went to have a look backstage along the way the gymnasts use to get from the training hall to the arena and back. There we saw Veronica Wagner from Sweden giving countless autographs. I found her really cute, so I also got myself one. I guess she must have written a few hundred that day!

I really enjoyed this long day of qualifications. It's great as you get to see all gymnasts competing. When we left the hall after the competition I was able to say hello to Nora who had another busy week-end. Of course we decided to leave the hall on the back side where we could see the gymnasts coming out also. Sadly it was raining all the time, so there was no chance to meet someone. Well, I still tried to ask the Romanians for a photo or something. Catalina Ponor replied, that it was too late. That was understandable of course, but at least now I knew she could speak English!

We then also hurried to get into our bus back to the hotel. There we finally checked in, and then we went to town to have dinner. We found a Chinese restaurant for that. Later we just went back to the hotel as it has been quite late already, and we were all tired after the travelling and stuff. So it was good to relax a little bit and just go to bed.

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