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Hi! Hello! (in French: Salut! Bonjour!)
Here are some words about myself: I am Bernard, living in the South of France, passionated for sports and gymnastics.
I am a fan of this wonderful Sport since the years 83-84:
'83 for the Mediterranean Games of Casablanca,
'84 Olympics with the great atmosphere of the gym events, and Szabo :-).
The Soviet Gymnastics gave us some of the best gymnasts for ever, Shaposhnikova, Bicherova, Yurchenko, Laschenova, Shushunova, Strazheva, Boguinskaia, Groshkova... With an other style, we can remember Romanians as Szabo, Pauca, Silivas, Bontas, Hadarean, Milosovici, and the talented leader of the Romanian team, Amanar.
I enjoyed many gyms as Kim Szmeskal, Melissa Marlowe, Julianne Mc Namara :-) , Bo Yang, Silvia Mitova, Henrietta Onodi, Hatagan, Grosheva, Kochetkova, and the always smiling Oksana Fabrichnova, Dolgopolova, ...
France had talented gymnasts as Karine Boucher and Chloe Maigre, both created the way for Mélanie Legros , Elodie Lussac, Laetita Begue, Isabelle Severino, Elvire Teza, Ludivine Furnon.
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After the Sydney Olympics, a new era starts for gymnastics : it's the end of the 94-2000 generation and we have talented young gymnasts to build the today gymnastics history: Raducan, Cojocar (both from Romania), Lobazhniuk, Privalova, Zamolodchikova (Russia), Van Eyckel and Holie Wise (Usa), Marion Mourier, Marlene Peron, Delphine Regease (France), and a lots more!!
The photographers who are helping me to create this site are gymfans too, and very close friends. Many thanks to all!! :-)
Some words more: Why Kostiskal? Well, join the half names of two of my RSG faves and it's the answer. :-)
My other interests in life? Sports, walks, reading, History, listening music,...
Faves bands and singers: Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue, Enya, Deep Forest, Enigma, Midnight Oil, Men at work, Belinda Carlisle, the famous Rock and Roll band of the mid 70's/early 80's : Electric Light Orchestra ( E.L.O. titles like -Tightrope-, -Mission-, -Turn to stone-, -Last train to London-, -Xanadu-,... are still so inovative, and -Shangri La- dedicated to the mysterious girl of Lento).
I love Surfing the Net, especially to get gymnastics informations, I also do many gym stuff exchanges with gym friends and penpals : tapes, magazines, photos, sports newspapers and in fact all related to gymnastics (artistics, rhythmics, acrosport, and also figure skating). I am looking for instance for IG Mags before 95.
Feel free to contact me.
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send me ideas, critics and opinions, or write to talk about gym. :-)

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