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By Susan Hamilton - page 3a - July/August 2002.

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A Great-Britain vs Romania competition will take place end of June in Liverpool (GBR). For Romania, Cojocar will lead the team, with juniors Leonida, Eremia, Chindea, Velicu, Rosu and alternate Rapeanu competing. Raducan could not participate due to her baccalaureate exams which take place at the same dates. She'll take exams in Math, Biology, P.E., Romanian, English. She is most afraid of the Math one and confident in Biology.
Alexandra Marinescu ('95 Junior European Champion, '97 World Champion with her team) is releasing a book soon in America about her life as a gymnast. Her injured back is now doing fine after 3 long operations.
Sabina Cojocar, although she is now in good shape, has said she'd like to take a two days mini-break to return home to see her family in Sibiu, who she misses very much. Although she knows this is not possible, she said after spending all Spring at home, that she misses her home, even if she is glad to be in Deva again.
Loredana Boboc ('99 and '01 World Team Champion, '00 Olympic Team Champion) has decided to retire. Loredana, who returned to Deva after numerous medical visits to Bucharest for her severely injured ankle, said that she is retiring as she feels she could not longer represent Romania at International Competitions due to the new talents, and has decided to study more in Bucharest.
The Junior exams in Deva (for all those born in 1987) were taken on 16,17 and 18 of June. The girls are now on Summer vacation in Deva until September.
Andreea Ulmeanu ('01 World Team Champion, '99 and '00 Team alternate) did not pass the 'test' to enter in Deva again. Ulmeanu apparently fell down stairs and injured her back badly. So her career is doubtful.
Daniela Silivas was entered in the International Gymnast Hall of Fame (after Nadia Comaneci and Theodora Ungureanu).
Larissa Apostol and Ana Maria Gavojdea may no longer be in Deva and doing gymnastics. Apostol was a member of the first place Romanian team at the European Youth Olympic Days in 2001.
Melinda Jurian (featured in '99 International Gymnast Steaua article) is now a national body-builder for Romania).

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