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By Susan Hamilton - page 2a - June 2002.

Deva update - News from Romania.  
Andreea Raducan won the Czech Grand Prix with Marian Dragulescu. Andreea had high scores especially on Beam (9.40 pts). Coach Belu said this is only a stair for Andreea, who is now motivated to go to the Worlds in November, in 2003 and the 2004 Athens Olympics.
Melina Druta, Silvia Stroescu (although not training), Carmen Ionescu, Loredana Boboc, Oana Ban, and Sabina Cojocar, have all returned to Deva, to join the other teammates.
Andreea Ulmeanu and the junior Ana Maria Gavojdea failed to make the national team and are now continuing to train in their respective homeclubs.
All the juniors from Patras are very busy training and studying, as all the gymnasts born in 1987 have an exam to do in early July, which is quite though and hard.
The senior and junior national teams recently went for a medical check up in Romania's capital Bucharest.
When the junior gymnasts and Oana Petrovschi returned to the Bucharest airport from Patras (European Championships), they only had 20 minutes to greet their families, before returning to Deva again.
04/06/02 : Maria Olaru (World Champion '99).
17/06/02 : Daniela Maranduca.
30/06/02 : Monica Sabau (Worlds alternate in 2001).
Did you know?  
About Monica Sabau, the talented Romanian whose career was short-lived, having had a lot of success as a junior in national competitions, Monica was the Romanian alternate in Ghent Worlds in 2001.
She was an especially good bar worker, and came second at the Romanian Internationals in 2001 behind... Verona Van de Leur. Monica was looking forward to 2002, to hopefully compete individually on Bars, but unfortunately at the beginning of 2002 was sent out of Deva.

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