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By Susan Hamilton - page 7 - March 2003.

Deva Updates.  
-After all the scandals with Belu and Bitang, the two coaches have come to an agreement to stay in Deva for now, until Athens 2004. From there they will see, as they had a dream of opening a private gym together in the Romanian capital, Bucuresti.
-Sabina Cojocar, now at home in Sibiu, says she has got used to not being in Deva anymore and is enjoying a free life. She still does training in her homeclub, CSS Sibiu and she says that she still has a chance of going back to Deva, she has not finished with gymnastics.
-Elena Velicu, part of the Romanian junior European team, has had to retire and leave Deva due to constant knee bothers since when she broke her knee last year. She now is thinking for taking up diving.
-Andreea Raducan has recently been in Japan to air a TV show. Despite troubles with the airport and hotel, the TV show was a success and delighted many Japanese fans. Raducan had traveled to Malaysia to promote gymnastics in January with her former teammate and world champion Maria Olaru.
-Floarea Leonida came fourth at the American Cup, after the American gymnasts (Carly Patterson won).
-Belu has said that for Anaheim worlds, he does not have a clear idea who could make the team. Oana Ban and Oana Petrovschi are not guaranteed places, as the up and coming seniors could be better than them, for exemple Alexandra Eremia, Monica Rosu, Floarea Leonida, Iuliana Chindea and Madalina Rapeanu. All names to watch out for!
-With Sabina Cojocar having retired, and having said some bad words about her coaches Belu and Bitang, Gina Gogean was quick to take sides and say that whatever the outcome, she would always support her coaches as she said its due to them that she is the person she is with the success she has. Sabina had said she did not like the atmosphere in Deva, but after having made these statements, said that she regrets all she said and hopes to return to Deva if she can.
-Oana Petrovschi, Floarea Leonida and Alexandra Eremia have celebrated their 17th and 16th birthdays already!
-Do you remember Alexandra Barac, the very talented junior who had to retire at only 16 due to back problems? Well poor Alexandra still has problems with her back after having done many tests and operations.

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