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By Olga & Bernard - page 6a - December 2002.

The Romanian golden road.  
More successes for the girls from Deva.
Floarea Leonida won the Artur Gander Memorial held in Chiasso (December 5th), her teammate Monica Rosu finished third just behind Oxana Shussovitina. The former Russian gymnast, now competing for Bulgaria, Evguenia Kuznetsova got the 4th place.
Too days later, Oana Petrovshi and Oana Ban catched the two first places of the Chunichi Cup held in Nagoya, Japan. Petrovshi got 37.225 pts, her teammate 36.250, and Yelena Zamolodchikova 35.875 for the third place of the AA podium. Interesting fact: the local gymnast Manami Ishizaka deserved her 4th place defeating the two Ukrainian competitors Yarosh and Kvasha!
The final events: Petrovshi won the Bars final, placed 2nd on Vault, and 3rd on Beam and Floor! That's an excellent performance! Oana Ban finished 3rd on Bars, 4th on Beam and Floor.
The Beautiful Russian Yelena Zamolodchikova won the Vault final and won the silver medal of the three other finals!
Deva news: the Romanian gymnastics on Kostiskal.

At the same time, Monica Rosu and Philippe Rizzo (Australia) won the 2002 Mixed Pairs Swiss Cup competition. Leonida Floarea and Dan Petra were third, let's notice the strong performance of Leonida with the best women individual score : 37.500 pts.
Then Monica Rosu and Daniela Sofronie Traveled to China for the 2002 China Motor Cup held in Taipei (Taiwan). Monica gained the 2nd AA place and Daniela the 4th one.
The Rosu's final events results : winner on Vault and Floor, 2nd on Beam and 4th on Bars.
The Sofronie's results: 2nd on Bars and Floor, 4th on Vault and Beam.
Their prime rival came from Russia, Paulina Miller won the AA title and the Beam final, 2nd on Vault and third on Bars.
The men's AA has been also won by a Russian competitor, Grebenkov. Dan Potra of Romania got the 2nd place.
Romanian golden road: gymnastics team of the year.

Pile of good results, and some of the most promising facts are coming from Deva: Petrovshi and Ban are both strong AA competitor. Petrovshi has become one of the best Bars contenders! Oana Ban owns strong skills abilities on Beam and seems to be able to perform soon really graceful Floor exercices.
Belu drives Romania on a new golden road!
The 2003 and 2004 competitions are going to be fascinating... imagine the duels between Zamolodchikova, Miller, Pavlova, Petrovshi, Ban, Rosu...!! we eagerly hope the coming competitions.
We have also planned to attend somes of these 2003 events.

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Romania: team of the year!
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