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By Marion - page 5 - October/November 2002.

Debrecen Worlds preparation.
Why Romania can pretend to win several titles in Debrecen? We answer to this question displaying the latest results of the Deva's competitors.
Hungarian Internationals: (Debrecen, Hungaria, October 14th).
This meet was managed to test the gym arena and facilities of the coming Worlds of Debrecen.
Sabina Cojocar won the Vault event (9.337), placed 2nd on Beam and third on Floor. A preparation event and then many mistakes too. Two Interesting facts with the easy success of Sabina on Vault and the one of the ukrainian Yarostska on Bars with an impressive routine marked 9.500 pts.
French Internationals: (Paris Bercy, October 19/20th).
Gorgeous success for Oana Petrovschi with 2 Gold medals, on Vault and Bars (!). Usually the girls from Deva are not genius on this apparatus but since some time we can notice real improvments. 9.387 pts facing rivals like Zamolodchikova, Zarganova, Komrskova. Of course we are waiting for the duel facing Khorkina and Ziganshina to be sure of the Oana's talent on Bars.
Raducan won the Beam final with 9.250 pts, with little wobbles but obviously a performing exercice on the Debrecen Worlds way! Slater and Shushovitina finished 2nd and 3rd.

Both Romanians climbed on the Floor podium: Oana second with 9.275 pts, Andreea third with 9.100 pts and seeing her routine, she could have been second ranked. Ziganshina won the final with 9.525 pts and a solid performance.
Raducan performed well on Beam and Petrovschi becomes step by step the tomorrow Romanian leader!
Glasgow Grand prix: (Scotland, October 27th).
Oana Petrovschi and Andreea Raducan came in Glasgow as gold medal pretenders. And... Raducan brillantly won the Balance Beam event (9.550 pts) defeating both Chinese Zhang Nan and Sun Xiaojiao, defeating Zamolodchikova, Hypolito and Slater!! Strong performance! Well done Andreea.
Petrovschi won the Bars final (!) defeating the Russians Elena Zamolodchikova and Natalia Ziganshina, Allana Slater from Australia got the 2nd place. Triumph for Romania and disaster for Russia.
Petrovschi finished 4th of the Vault final (victory for Zamolodchikova, Chushovitina 2nd, Ziganshina 3rd). Andreea Raducan won the Floor silver medal (9.200 pts).
For the History: Petrovschi was 1st of the Bars qualifying round (9.475 pts) and 2nd of the Vault one (9.313 pts). Raducan got the 4th place of the Beam qualifications (9.400 pts) and the 2nd of the Floor ones (9.300 pts).
Both Romanian competed in good form and seemed better prepared than their Russian rivals. The girls from China displayed interesting exercices, and we can be sure they are going to be ready for the Worlds. The surprising 2001 gymnast Daniele Hypolito was out of shape and is not coping well with her recent prestige.
Siska Internationals: (Slovenia, Nov. 4th).
Easy success for Sabina Cojocar winning a 'training' meet before higher rendez-vous in November.
1st Cojocar with 36.38 pts, 2nd was the Italian Benecchi with 34.98 and third was the beautiful Berber Van den Berg with 34.68 pts. We have to notice the 4th place of Yevguenia Kuznetsova, now competing for Bulgaria. The two Russians engaged in the competition could not rival and only were 6th (Gulnara Ziganshina with 33.41 pts), and 13th (Yekaterina Schuster with 31.90 pts).
Cojocar won the Floor final with a medium 9.050 pts. She finished 4th of the Vault final 9.038 pts, 2nd of the Bars final with 8.925 (victory for Berber Van den Berg with 9.050 pts), and 6th of the Beam final (7.587 pts). Kuznetsova won this Beam event.
Sabina performed a Beam exercice with a 10 start value (the only one to display a 10 start value routine was Ziganshina on Bars).
Massilia Gym Cup: (Marseille, Nov. 9/11).
Once again, Romania was 'The' team of the competition. Firstly with the team Gold medal: 1st Romania with 73.61 pts, 2nd France 1 with 71.47 pts, 3rd Netherlands with 70.75 pts.
Russia only was 5th with 69.89 pts.
Despite the 'short' format of the team competition (two competitors per event, and then all scores counting, no mistake was allowed!), Romania deserved the victory. The girld from Deva seemed more self-assured than their rivals. The Russian team met some problems on Beam and Floor (a low 7.83 pts for Privalova...). In fact it was a Russian '2' team.
Also the virtual AA results (as they have been done with the team results) gave Romania a new success: Oana Ban did the best individual performance with 36.73 pts.
Vault: Sabina Cojocar third with 9.263 (Gold for Pavlova).
Bars: Petrovschi 4th with 9.113 (Gold for Van de Leur).
Beam: Raducan first with 9.638 pts, Oana Ban 8th with 8.438 pts.
Floor: Cojocar first with 9.45 pts, Oana Ban 3rd with 9.275 pts (Van de Leur was 2nd with 9.40 pts).
Convinced? ... Rendez vous in Debrecen!!
Go Romania!
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