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By Susan Hamilton - page 4a - September 2002.

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Silvia Stroescu wants to become a vet. She went to a famous vetenary center in Deva recently, and there helped vets to cure some dogs. Silvia is seriously thinking of what she wants to do once she has finished with gymnastics, and has decided not to follow many of her teammates' footsteps by becoming a coach. Silvia loves animals and at home has many dogs and cats. She recently has been re-admitted to Deva where she is now training hard after a long and tough back injury which stopped her competing at the europeans.

Even though Andreea Raducan has been admitted to the University in Timisoara without having to take the admittance exam, she won't be attending the first courses because she's in training for the World championships in Debrecen, Hungary.

1999 World Champion Maria Olaru and Olympian Loredana Boboc (who has retired) have decided together to be fitness instructors. Loredana Boboc and Maria Olaru, have decided to start teaching fitness courses this autumn at the modern gym that will be opened not long from now at the 'Unirea' warehouse in Bucharest.
The gym, that will carry the name 'Fitness Academy', belongs to the Fitness Federation, the president being Liviu Miron. Besides Loredana and Maria, Yanina Oltean, Fitness World champion, and Gina Patrascu, former Rhythmic champion will also be teaching there. Robert Pescaru, former participant at the 'Mister International' competition organised in India where he finished within the first 15, will be part of the team too.

Andreea Raducan went to the Li Ning Cup in China in August, but her and Belu both agree this competition was a failure. Andreea said she still needed to loose some weight but hopes to do well at the worlds. Belu said that Andreea will have to train very hard, and that she will go to every competition from now on until the worlds, as a test. Andreea did say though, that it was a bit of judging partiality for the Chinese girls, who won nearly everything.

Simona Amanar has finally had her baby boy, Alexandru Iosif!! On August 20 she gave birth to a sweet little boy, 3,8 kg and 53 cm tall. Although Simona was very exhausted as it was a long birth and a cesaerean section, she is very pleased and let all of her friends and family know. Mariana Bitang (Deva coach) was especially pleased and sent Simona many flowers. Also her teammates, and Maria Olaru were extatic for Simona! She is now resting in Timisoara.

Melina Druta (1st AA France v. Romania juniors 2001) has left Deva. She is now at her home in Bucuresti, doing aerobics. She is set to start school soon, and hopefully she'll be doing well in her new aerobics career. Melina was recovering from a ligament knee injury, and was featured in the '99 IG article of Steaua as one of the most promising and talented gymnasts there.

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