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By Susan Hamilton - page 1a - May 2002.

Our friend Susan is a fan of the Romanian gymnastics, she has good informations from Deva and the talented gymnasts who took the Team silver medal at the 2002 Junior Europeans. Here is the first 'on-line' issue of 'Deva News'.   (the Kostiskal team).
Ana Maria Gavojdea has returned to Deva, after a month's break to recover from her injury. Other juniors are expected to come to Deva from the Onesti and Constanta training centers, they are all born in 1987, and so they will be seniors next year.
After the Europeans, Belu stated he thinks that Floarea Leonida and Russian Anna Pavlova will be future rivals. Leonida said she was pleased with her performance and expected the result.
Sabina Cojocar has returned to Deva, and she is said to be very good, physically. Loredana Boboc still needs to loose 2 kg in weight before going back to Deva, and Carmen Ionescu 1kg. Silvia Stroescu is waiting for medical results, but unlikely be back to Deva before September, due to her very serious back problem.
Andreea Ulmeanu was not accepted back to Deva, but will probably be soon. Oana Ban is in Deva, and her foot is healing well. Andreea Raducan wants to compete at the Worlds, but then might think of retiring.
For the 2003 Team and AA Worlds, most of the juniors will become seniors, so that means only the best seniors will go to Usa in 2003, so Belu said he will only train determined gymnasts.
Simona Amanar is expecting a baby! She and her husband Cosmin Tabara, who she married in March, have decided to call the baby boy Alexandru.
Simona has been pregnant for 5 months. Currently Nadia Comaneci, Amanar and her husband are in New-york for the annual Romanian Festival there.
Daniela Silivas turned 30!
Silvia Stroescu turned 17 on 8 may, Monica Rosu will be 15 on May 11, Andreea Ulmeanu on 15 May will be 18, and Melina Druta will be 15 on May 24.

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