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The '04 Dtb Cup. (part 1).

Here is the first set of photos done at the '04 Dtb Cup of Stuttgart. Russia was the central pivot of the competition thanks to Anna Pavlova, Ludmilla Yezhova and the wonderful and nice Elena Zamolodchikova. Russia is still alive, Russia won two finals, and the Russian gymnasts smiled and laughed a lot.
'Lena' did an impressive show and gave me the opportunity to do some good photos, also thank a lot to her for her smiles, laughs, regards and kind words. I am including too photos of Eremia and Harmes, more to come soon on the second serie.
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(click on the pictures to get the full size ones).

Elena Zamolodchikova.

Happy gymnasts!

Anna Pavlova.

The Bars winner: Yezhova.

L. Yezhova.

L. Yezhova.

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