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'08 Clermont-Ferrand Europeans.
By Olga.

Some informations:

The 2008 European gymnastics championships takes place at the 'Maison des Sports',  located quite in the center of the town.  This arena is the home place of the Basket-ball team 'Stade Clermontois Basket Auvergne', team of first division 'Pro A'. (Available seats between 4500/5000.)
Visit the photos galleries of the team to have an idea of the arena looking at The SCBA photos galleries.

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The '08 Europeans edition includes the different following events:
Competition I Seniors : Team qualifications (and entry lists for the individual finals).
Competition I Juniors : Team qualifications (entry lists for the individual finals and individual ranking).
Competition IV Seniors : Team final (8 best teams).
Competition III Juniors : Event finals Juniors
Competition III Seniors : Event finals seniors

The seniors gymnasts are 16 years old at least, the Juniors are 14/15 years old.

The reigning teams and gymnasts are:

From the Volos Europeans held in 2006:
Senior team : Italy (2nd was Romania and 3rd was Russia).
Junior team : Russia (2nd was Romania and 3rd was Germany).

From the Amterdam Europeans held in 2007:
Senior All-round competition  :  Vanessa Ferrari (Italy).
Senior Vault final  :  Carlotta Giovannini (Italy).
Senior Uneven Bars final  :  Darya Zgoba (Ukraine).
Senior Balance Beam final  :  Yulia Lozhecko (Russia).
Senior Floor final  :  Vanessa Ferrari (Italy).
Juniors individual all-round competition (after competition I)  :  Daria Elizarova (Russia).
Junior Vault final  :  Karina Myasnikova (Russia).
Junior Uneven Bars final  :  Karina Myasnikova (Russia).
Junior Balance Beam final  :  Daria Elizarova (Russia).
Junior Floor final  :  Aluissa Lacusteanu (Romania).

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