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'08 Clermont-Ferrand Europeans.
Russian flag.By Olga & Bernard.French flag.

The 27th European Championships managed in the city of Clermont-Ferrand (Region Auvergne) is the last opportunity for all European countries to evaluate their gymnastics selection 5 months before the central rendez vous of August with the Beijing Olympics.
34 nations are coming, 276 gymnasts, around 20 complete teams are going to compete for the team senior and team junior events.
We attend the competitions and we'll do the most possible accurate coverage.

March 22th 2009, new add: we follow our series of pages and comments dedicated to the '08 Europeans and the gymnasts who competed in Clermont-Ferrand. Today we add a page about Russian gymnast Svetlana Klyukina.

From Russia: Svetlana Klyukina.

From Russia: Ksenia Afanaseva (part 1).

From Ukraine to Israel: Valerya Maksyuta.

From Russia: Ksenia Semenova (part 3).

From Russia: Ksenia Semenova (part 2).

From Italy: Paola Galante.

From Russia: Ksenia Semenova (part 1).

The new French star: Youna Dufournet.

The new Russian star: Tatiana Nabieva.

The Seniors Team final: the Russian team.

The Seniors Team final page.

The Juniors Team event page.

The Seniors individual finals page.

'08 Europeans: some informations.

Kostiskal Contents page.

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