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From Russia: Ksenia Semenova. (part 2).

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Ksenia hails from central Russia's Tula Region, Tula is an industrial city in the European part of Russia, located 193 km south of Moscow, on the river Upa, capital of the Tula 'oblast' (region). Apart from Ksenia gymnastics talent, Tula region is a well known name for several points, a musical instrument is named Tula accordion, typical instrument from Russia, Tula is also renowned for traditional Russian 'pryaniki', cookies made with honey and gingerbread. By the 1830s, Tula established itself as the capital of samovar-making (samovar is an heated metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water, for tea or sbiten drink which is a hot winter drink of honey and spice). Typical Tula samovars are absolute art-works with beautiful decoration.
The city of Novomoskovsk where the Ksenia's family is living is located nearby the city of Tula (46 km).

Ksenia Semenova is a member of the Russian Gymnastics Team. She has a beautiful presence on the floor and beam, typical for the Russian team, her central apparatus is Bars where she is performing an unique and exceptional difficulty with the Tkatchev to immediate giant full.This skill is coming from the men's high bar. The skill is requesting a very precise feeling of the speed during its execution.
The skill is included to an ambitious bars routine, Tkatchev, immediate giant full, blind change, Jaeger, inside Stalder half, inside Stalder, inside Stalder full, Deltchev, Pak salto, Stalder full, piked Arabian double front dismount. It was A-note of 7.2 and the final note of 16.350 pts gave Ksenia the World medal on Bars in Stuttgart 2007.This 7.2 routine was already performed 6 months before during the International Gymnix held in Canada (March 17th), Ksenia was 2nd of the All-around and did the best performance on Bars with 15.700 pts. She competed on Beam on 6.0 A-note routine.

Ksenia is a motivated gymnast, to work hard is not a difficulty and she has been mentally prepared for such effort as she herself said "During the last Olympics (Athens) I was watching the girls closely and trying to train hard, while adding to my programme, so I could compete at the big competitions.".
The coming 2009 code of point names a first skill after Ksenia (and her friend Afanasyeva), the 'Semenova/Afanasyeva' skill is a double pirouette with back attitude (for memory, a pirouette is a longitudinal rotation of the body, as a dance element on one foot or as a strength element in handstand on the floor, the back attitude is a native dance position with supporting leg straight, the other leg raised to the rear, turned out at the hip, and bent at the knee; arms: same arm as bent leg is overhead, the other to the front).

Success is a journey, not a destination, it doesn't come to you but you go to it.
Ksenia's travel is on the right way.

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