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From Italy: Paola Galante.

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Paola Galante, born in the Italian city of Brescia the 3rd March of 1993 competes for the junior Italian national team. She currently lives in Brescia. Her gym club is the 'A.S.D.G. Brescia', she has started gymnastics at the age of 8. Her coaches are Enrico Casella and Michela Francia. 1m58 for 41 kg, Paola is already wellknown for her amazing Floor work, choreography and right moves feeling give her a specific style.

Paola competed at the 40th International Children Games in Bangkok 2006, the Brescia team won the team event, Paola got the third place of the All-around event. She got a 3rd place at the National championships on Bars in 2006 and the 2nd rank still on Bars at the '07 Nationals.
At the '07 Lugano International Trophy, she brillantly finished 2nd (56.650 pts with an impressive 14.800 on Bars, 14.050 on beam, 14.000 on Floor and a 13.800 on Vault which is her weak apparatus).
At the '07 Massilia Gym Cup, she won the All-Around event (58.100 pts), first on Bars with 15.875, 4th on Beam with 14.025 and 4th on Floor with 13.925 pts.

Poala competed at the International meet in Jesolo (Italy) in March '08, the Italian junior team was 2nd (success of the USa) and Paola got the third individual place with a nice 58.300 pts.
The analysis of her performance is the following:
Vault: 13.750 pts (A note of 5.000, B note of 8.750), Bars: 15.150 (third best note, 7.200 and 7.950), Balance Beam: 15.100 (again third best note with A note of 6.000 and B note of 9.100, her teammate Preziosa Elisabetta got another good 15.250 pts with a better B note of 9.250), Floor: 14.300 pts (A note of 5.500 and B note of 8.800, good routine but US juniors ones in the event were really higher with for instance a A note of 6.300 for Rebecca Bros and 5.900 for Jordyn Wieber.

At the '08 Europeans, Italy got the 5th place of the junior team event, Paola was 5th of the all-around event with 56.625 pts (13.700 on Vault, 14.500 on Bars, 14.325 on Beam and a 14.000 on Floor). She got the 5th place of the Uneven Bars final (13.975 pts).
Paola displayed new skills in her routines like a clear piked circle backward in High Bar with counter straddle reverse hecht over High Bar to hang (F value), a clear pike circle backward to salto Backward for a D valuable skill. She did a 2 and half Memmel turn with leg in a whole 180 split on Floor (Rhythmics have such similar positions!).

Third of the Italian Championships (57.05) won by Lia Parolari, Paola got an interesting 15.200 on Bars winning the UB final and finishing third on Floor. Improving quickly on Bars, Paola is becoming a true Bars contender! She worked with a 7.10 A note and a B one of 8.10 pts. Vault is not really her fave apparatus (13.95 pts and 5.000/8.95). She worked with a A note of 6.10 on Beam but failed in her execution and got a low 13.850 pts. Notation of 14.05 on Floor with a good B note of 8.75 despite a medium 5.30 (A note). Specificity of Paola who is performing very well executed routines but always a lack of displayed dificulties.
She competed in Usa in May for the 2008 Friendship International Exchange Competition in Huntsville (Texas) for a 5th place (57.400 pts), defeated by Olympian Chellsie Memmel.
On individual finals, the level was truly high with performers like Alicia Sacramone, Chellsie Memmel, Ashley Priess, Ivana Hong and an excellent gain of experience.
Paola got an excellent third place on Uneven Bars (15.300), only 9th on Beam (14.250 pts).

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