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From Russia: Ksenia Semenova.

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Silver medalist with the Russian team, winner of the Uneven Bars and Balance Beam final, Ksenia Semenova is the best senior Russian contender of the Europeans.
Ksenia defeated Romanian Steliana Nistor on Beam with a truly clean and precise execution work, The start note of Steliana was higher but a important ability of Ksenia is the capacity of getting nice execution work. This same ability allowed her to get the bars title despite a difficult second during her routine and she was obliged to add an extra giant skill to keep the move way with speed enough.

Ksenia Semenova was born the October 20th 1992 in the city of Tula, she is currently living in Moscow, member of the CSKA Moscow gym team. She is coached by Marina Nazarova and Nabokova (Ksenia Afanasyeva has the same coaches and is a childhood friend of Ksenia Semenova).
Link for the CSKA is the official CSKA Moscow website., in Russian language.

She got the 8th place by team at the '07 World Championships and the title on Uneven Bars (defeating Anastasia Liukin and Yang Yilin).
Still in 2007, she competed at the Gymnix International (2nd All-around, 1st on uneven Bars, 1st on Balance Beam and 3rd on Floor) getting nice notes on bars with a 15.950 pts during the event final and a also nice 15.850 pts on Beam!). At the '07 WOGA Clasic held in Usa, she won the AA (with a steady 59.720 pts), the Bars and beam finals and got the second rank on Vault and Floor. Still in 2007, Ksenia won the Russian Cup AA and the Bars event, getting the 3rd place on Beam.

Here is the Uneven Bars routine of Ksenya during the '07 Russian Cup (many thanks to Gymnstands website at
glide kip + cast to handstand + stalder shoot to high bar (C); kip + cast to handstand + piked stalder 1/2 to reverse (D) + Jaeger (D); kip + cast to handstand + giant 1/2 + piked stalder (D) + pike stalder 1/1 (E) + Deltchev (D); kip + cast to handstand + Pak (D); glide kip + cast to handstand + clear hip 1/2 + toe shoot to high bar; kip + cast to handstand + stalder 1/1 (D) + Tkatchev (D); kip + cast to handstand + giant + giant + piked Fontaine (D).
for a start note of 7.1, Ksenya performed a total note of 15.975 pts.

Ksenya competed a lot after the Europeans, she won the bars event at the 'Stars of the World' competition in Moscow (16.075 pts). In june 2008 she got the 2nd AA place of the Dutch Open (success of Anna Pavlova) held in Amsterdam and in July Ksenia got the 2nd AA place of the Russian Cup won by her friend Afanasyeva.
The Olympics of Beijing did not give her a podium and she finally looked as the best Russian competitor, 4th by Team, 4th AA (16.475 pts on Bars and 15.925 pts on Beam) and 6th on Bars final.

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