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A new star: Youna Dufournet.

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Youna Dufournet won the team silver medal, the All-around bronze one and then got two titles on event finals with Vault and Bars before ending the medals gain with the silver on Floor.

-Gold on Vault with a Yurchenko 2/1 twists first Vault and a piked Omeliantchik on the second one (14.650 and 13.925 for a total of 14.287).
-Bars success thank to a clear and full routine: Shaposhnikova to high pak, again shaposhnikova from a toe-on, gienger and jäger, double layout dismount, A-note of 5.8 and note of 15.625 pts.
-A fall on beam pulled her out of the podium (A-note of 6.9, 14.825 -pts for the 5th place, her routine included front aerial,arabian, aerial to two feet, back piked, Onodi, aerial cartwheel, aerial roundoff to ff, ff to one, ff to two double piked).
-Silver on Floor with piked full-in, double arabian, 1 1/2 twist through to roundoff double piked, triple turn, triple twist try for a finally done 2,5 and a piked backward double somersault, A-note of 6.1 and a final note of 14,775 pts. She ended very close of the winner, russian Tatiana Nabieva who performed a lower technical routine but clearly with a better execution than youna's.
Maybe the home stress and the fact she already got two medals this same day.

In fact it was a brillant confirmation of the talent of the young Youna, born the october 19th of 1993, she stardted gymnastics very early. Her coach is Marc Chirilenko. Member of the 'USEAB Avoine' gymnastics club, Youna Dufournet already owns a nice palmares:

1st individual result and 1st by team at the meet France-Switzerland-Germany-Netherlands.

1st AA at the junior Nationals in Auxerre.
1st AA, 1st on Bars, 3rd on Beam at the National Cup held in Toulouse.
1st AA of the junior dual meet Switzerland-France.
4th by team, 9th AA, 3rd on Vault, 2nd on Bars, 6th on Beam at the Belgrad European Youth Olympic festival (EYOF).
3rd AA at the Lugano Trophy.

5th AA at the Junior Nationals.
3rd on Beam and 7th AA at the National Cup in Nantes.
5th on Beam and 5th by team at the International Tournament of the city of Arques.

She competed at the 2007 Massilia Gym Cup with impressive routines on Beam and Floor. She also came at the '06 Massilia competition. She also competes for her gym club at the National Championships of the clubs.

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