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A new star: Tatiana Nabieva.

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Tatiana Nabieva, born the November 21th of 1994, from the city of Saint-Petersbourg led the Russian team to the team victory, and also won the All-around individual ranking. She did an excellent performance with 60.850 pts, her teammate Aliya Mustina got the silver with 60.300 pts and third place was for French Yound Dufournet with 60.300 pts). Mentally strong, total belief in herself and already a good and promising play during the routines, Tatiana onws the abilities to be one of the coming champions in the senior category (she will be age eligible in 2010).
Tatiana won the silver on Vault, first vault noted 14.700 pts but she did a mistake on her second one and got 13.700, final note of 14.200 pts (Youna Dufournet got 14.287 pts for the Gold). New silver on Bars with a clean and strong routine noted 15.500 (15.625 for the winner, French Youna, the Tatiana's oponent during the junior Europeans).
Tatiana was a bit lucky getting the silver on Beam tied with Romanian Amelia Racea as Amelia's performance truly looked better, more stable than the young Russian passage who had some wobbles.
And finally, Tatiana got the Gold on Floor with a good routine including an interesting expressivity work. Silver medalist, Youna Dufournet, displayed a more difficult work but with a lower execution performance (technical work is not enough to win, the young French will have to integrate this fact to successfully enter the senior category). Tatiana's Floor included a triple twist, a double arabian, a 2 1/2 twist, a piked backward double somersault for a note of 14.800 pts (14.775 pts for Youna).
Tatiana Nabieva is not an unknown gymnast, she already competed in several international events.
She competed in 2005 at the International Gymnix held in Canada and got the junior 8th AA place, aged 11 years!
2006, Tatiana brillantly got the 2nd place at the 10th Siska Gym International held in Slovenia. Winner was Ekaterina Kramarenko. Tatiana Defeated girls like Alexandra Ghita and Anamaria Tamirjan of Romania. We noticed again a good junior A-note on bars with 5.80.
She also won the Vault final defeating Ekaterina Kramarenko and Berber van den Berg, was second on Bars with the second B-note for a medium A-note and again defeating Ekaterina Kramarenko and Berber van den Berg.

Tatiana was in France in December 2006 for the tournament of the city of Arques with her gym team of Saint-Petersbourg. She won the 'hope' category getting a nice 57 pts.
In 2007, back to Canada for the International Gymnix with the victory in the junior category, her teammate Aliya Mustafina was second. Tatiana displayed a strong all-around contender spirit with no real weakness (maybe the A-note of 5.6 on Floor but very well compensated with a good execution work) and two excellent passages (Vault with 14.950 pts and best Bars note with 14.900 pts, A-notes of 5.8 and 6.1).
From her first gymnastics appearance from the '03 Voronin Cup to the '08 Junior European gold medal, Tatiana Nabieva has become one of the best Russian hopes for the future, the regard on the London Games. Good execution work, art-scene play, smile, ... Tatiana will be a charismatic gymnast for sure.
We wish her a better way than the '06 European stars Irina Isayeva and Daria Elizarova.
She deserves to write a great page of the Russian gymnastics History.
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