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Juniors Team event.

The juniors Team event was a high level competition: Russia and France did a very strong performance, The Netherlands team got the third place (Romania was 4th and Italy only 5th).

The success of Russia was built by a new generation, already talented: Tatiana Nabieva, Aliya Mustafina, Tatiana Solovyeva, Anna Dementyeva and Anastasia Novikova brillantly won the junior team title: 180.625 pts, France 2nd got 170.500 pts. Russia did the best performance on each apparatus. Also the Russian competitors were without rival on Bars and Beam - 46.175 and 46.400 with more than three points each time on their oponents.
Logically, the best individual result was for tatiana Nabieva and for Aliya Mustafina.

Some of the new French stars are Youna Dufournet, Chloe Stanic, Marie Gaffino, Marine Brevet and Lea Kemayou. They performed brillantly and only some weakness on Floor could have been noticed. Good on Vault, wonderful and strong on Beam, the junior team potential sounds excellent: Youna Dufournet who finished third on the individual ranking obviously is already ready for her entry to the Senior team, mastering her skills, mastering the choreagraphic work on Floor, very mature in her mind and event work.
We could noticed the good performance of Chloe Stanic, stable on each apparatus, with no real weakness, steady beam passage like Marine Brevet. Floor needs now some work more to avoid mistakes due to lack of experience, but yes this French team has a real future!

Netherlands got the bronze medal defeating Romania at the last rotation, the Romanains only could performed the 8th performance on uneven Bars with 40.775 pts and their Dutch rivals got a 42.200 pts on Floor at the same time.
We must notice the good results of Amelia Racea (4th) and Loredana Sabau (6th) for Romania, Andrea La Spada (7th) and Paola Galante (5th) for Italy. All four are names to keep in mind for the future.

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Tatiana Nabieva.

Mustafina Aliya.

Stanic Chloe.

Stanic Chloe.

Gaffino Marie.

Solovyeva Tatiana.

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