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From Russia: Svetlana Klyukina.

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Born February 10th 1989 in the city of Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk, Russia) , Svetlana Alekseevna Klyukina is a member of the Dynamo Moscow team (Dynamo Moskva).
Svetlana is coached by Tatiana Avinirova Gesikova, and choreographed by Galina Ivanovna Gribkova. This elegant and nice blonde gymnast is also a member of the national squad.

During her two first years of competition, she gave the feeling to be a coming strong vaulter (European title on this apparatus with a Yurchenko double and a Yurchenko full back tuck, success at the Friendship Classics with a good note of 9.300 pts, again 4th at the '04 Russian Cup with a good 9.300 pts - we can notice her great 4th AA place at this same competition with a score of 37.125 pts just behind Khorkina, Zamolodchikova and Pavlova!!). Finally she is a good competitor on Uneven Bars and on Balance Beam.
In 2005, we found her competing on the World Cup series. She was at the Glasgow Grand Prix in October getting the Beam 10th place (8.325 pts) and the 9th place (8.950) during the qualification session.
At the '05 Dtb Cup held in Stuttgart, she got the 12th place on Bars and 9th on Beam during the qualification day.

At the '07 Russian Cup, She got a very good 2nd AA place with 58.350 pts, defeating Yulia Lozhecko, Anna Pavlova, Polina Miller as well as the former rising star Irina Isayeva. She got a second medal on Uneven Bars with a correct 14.775 pts, she could not rival the Uneven Bars princess Ksenia Semyonova who got a stratospherical 15.850 pts.

Svetya got the third place on Bars at the World Stars held in Moscow (World Cup event) with a note of 14.250 pts (A-note of 5.90). On Beam, shes was awarded with the silver after a steady routine, note of 15.200 for an A-note of 6.30 pts. Compared to her rivals, she performed a better execution note. Her success on Floor was again based on a strong execution work, but also an A note of 5.80 pts. She owns a real feeling of the skills precision work, useful to compensate medium start notes. She played with this fact during the World Stars qualification: 3rd on Bars (14.000 pts) with the 'only' 7th A-note (5.60), 4th on Balance Beam (15.000 pts for the 7th A-note) and 4th on Floor (14.100 pts with the 8th A-note).

Still in 2007, she got the team 8th place at the World Championships (Russia was fourth after the qualifying round), the 24th place of the qualification round (total of 57.200 with 14.650 on Vault, 15.075 on Bars, 15.075 on Beam and 12.400 on Floor). She could not enter the event-finals. At the same competition held in 2006, she got 14.675 on Bars, 15.325 on Beam and 14.625 pts on Floor. Russia was third by team and Svetlana was a good competitor even if some lack of skills pulled her out of the final each time.

At the 2008 European Championships, she was a strong teammate with secured work and good presence to encourage the team. After the team qualification round, she got 14.600 on uneven Bars (A-note of 6.100), for the team final (2nd place for Russia), she got 14.525 pts on Bars and 15.325 pts on Beam (best note of the team at this apparatus). This note on Beam was important to secure the Team position.

Member of the Olympics team in Beijing, she competed ...on Vault during the team final with a note of 15.150 pts. For the qualification round, Svetlana got 15.175 pts on Vault, 14.975 pts on Bars and 13.950 pts on Floor. Russia got the 4th place and ended the Olympics without medal.
Coming back after an injury, Svetlana competed in March 2009 at the Russian Nationals, she got a 6th place on Beam event final but could not be on full shape.

Russian Cup (Moscow): 17th AA.

Russian Cup (Moscow): 4th AA and 4th on Vault.
Russian Nationals: 6th AA.
Friendship Classics junior (Pottsville/usa): 1st AA, 1st on Vault, 1st on Floor, 2nd on Beam and 3rd on Beam.
Junior European Championships (Amsterdam): 1st by team, 1st on Vault, 7th on Bars and 14 th AA.
Stella Zakharova Cup (Kiev, UKraine): 1st by team, 1st on Beam, 2nd AA and 8th on Vault.

Dual meet Italy-Russia: 3rd AA, 2nd by team.
World Championships in AArhus (Denmark): 3rd by team.
Ghent World Cup: 2nd on Bars.

Moscow World Cup (May): 1st on Floor, 2nd on Beam, 3rd on Bars.
Ghent World Cup: 4th on Beam.
Russian Nationals: 4th AA.
Russian Cup (July, Chelyabinsk): 2nd AA, 2nd on Bars, 7th on Beam and 4th on Floor.
Memorial Gander (Switzerland): 5th AA (in fact, this event was managed on three rotations, Svetya competed on Vault, Bars and Beam).
World Championships: 8th by team.
Swiss Cup mixed pairs event: 3rd (with Sergei Korokordin).

Tianjin World Cup: 4th on Bars.
European Championships: 2nd by team.

Russian Championships (March, Bryansk): 6th on Beam.

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