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Europeans '08: Valerya Maksyuta.

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Valerya Maksyuta was born the September 27th 1987 in Ukraine.
Valerya was competing since several years from Ukraine and in 2008 she leaves her native country to install herself in Israel and is now competing for her new country. As she said with a cute smile and amazing light in the eyes "I still do gymnastics for the beauty of the sport, I enjoy ambiance and need it."
She went to Clermont-Ferrand for the Europeans, she also competed in Kiev for the '08 Zakharova Cup in June.
Here are some facts of Valerya's gymnastics results and a set of photos.

-Brazilian International Gymnastics Tournament(Curitiba, Brazil): 3rd by team, 16th AA, 9th on Vault.
-Hypotheekshop Gymnastics Top (held in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands): 17th AA.

-Bluewater International: 1st on Vault, 2nd on Bars, 1st on Beam, 3rd on Floor and 4th AA.

-Pre-Olympics (Athens): 11th on Vault.
-Ukraine Cup: 3rd on Vault, 2nd on Bars, 1st on Beam, 7th on Floor and 4th AA.
-Zakharova Cup: 7th on Beam and 2nd by team.
-Ukraine Nationals: 8th on Vault, 7th on Bars, 8th on Beam, 10th AA.

-DTB Cup: 8th on Vault, 6th on Beam and 5th on Floor.
At this same event, she got the Vault 8th place, Beam 7th and Floor 2nd place during the qualification rounds and 5th AA.
-European Championships in Debrecen (Hungary): 48th AA. -Australia vs Ukraine meet held in Brisbane: 2nd best Vault result.
-Summer Universiade (Izmir): 15th AA (20th during the qualifications), 2nd on Vault.
-Zakharova Cup: 2nd AA.
-Voronin Vup (Moscow): 2nd by Team and 10th AA.

-French International in the city of Lyon: 9th on Vault and 8th on Beam.
-Zakharova Cup: 1st on Vault, 14th AA and 3rd by team.
-Ghent World Cup serie: 8th on Vault and 4th on Beam.
-World Championships: 5th by team.
-Glasgow Grand Prix: 4th on Vault and 12th AA.

-Zakharova Cup: 2nd on Vault, 5th on Beam, 3rd on Floor, 6th AA, 4th by team.
-Moscow World Stars: 5th on Vault, 8th on Floor.

-European Championships in Clermont-Ferrand (France): 15th by team (with Israel gymnastics team). She got the 20th AA performance during the qualifications day.

Valerya was the alternate for the European junior Championships 2002, again for 2005 World Championships. She also competed in the Italian teams liga for the Italian gym club of Lissone, she also competed in the Teams European Cup for this same club with Llaria Colombo and Cristina Cavalli.
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Valerya 1.

Valerya 2.

Valerya 3.

Valerya 4.

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