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From Russia: Ksenia Semenova.  (part 3).

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Some datas:
Russian Cup 2007 (March 21-25):
14.150 pts on Vault, 15.850 on Bars, 15.700 on Beam and 14.450 pts on Floor for the best ranking after the qualification round with 60.150 pts, Ksenya got the Russian Cup AA gold. Strong Bars and Beam, correct Floor, medium Vault work: typical Ksenia's performance. At the same competition, Ksenia got the Bars event final success (15.975 pts) and the third place of the Beam final with 14.825 pts.
European Championships (April 2008):
Ksenia got the silver medal with the Russian team and two golds on Bars and Beam. Floor was correct.
For the qualification day, Ksenia got the following performances:
On Uneven Bars: A-note of 7.200, B-note of 8.675 for a full note of 15.875 pts and the qualification for the Bars event final.
On Balance Beam: A-note of 6.300 and B-note of 8.725 for a full note of 15.025 pts. Again qualification for the Beam final but the routine was not very clean.
On Floor: A-note of 5.800 and B-note of 8.675 with a full note of 14.475 pts.
We notice Anna Pavalova got her qualification for the Floor event final with a A-note of 5.600 but an impressive work of 9.275 pts (14.875)! Ksenia Afanasyeva performed on a start note of 6.100 for a 8.125 (note of 14.225 pts).
During the team final, Ksenia got 16.200 on Bars, 15.275 on Beam and 14.600 on Floor. For the Bars event final, the A note was 7.000 and the B-note 8.900 for a golden notation of 15.900 Pts.
Performing a 15.950 at the Beam event final based on a A-note of 6.700, a B-note of 9.250, she got her second European success.
Again the fact that no-one does a Tkatchev immediate giant full is unique. Two consecutive releases are always impressive. The use of the swing whereas Ksenia does swing to handstand position then a full pirouette shows a real mastering of the space feeling. Ksenia is an absolute specialist of the Stalder variations.
If we have a look on the Bars work of Ksenia, we have start A-notes going from 6.6 at the Moscow World Cup qualification to 7.2 at the Europeans (qualification and then team final), for the Europeans EF, the used dismount put her with a 7.0 pts.
We found this same full routine based on 7.2 during the 2007 year (Gymnix in Canada, Worlds event final).
The stability of the Ksenia's work is fully obvious: 8.225 pts for a 'low' B-note (14.825 pts at the Moscow World Cup event final); 8.675 at Europeans qualifications, 9.000 for the Europeans team final and 8.900 for the Event Final (and the gold! despite an impressive A-note of Steliana Nistor with 7.300 and a B-note of 8.500 pts).
Dismount variety is based on the piked Arabian double front dismount and the piked Fontaine one (the double somersaulting dismount is a back tuck with 1/2 twist into a front, D value code). The Fontaine can be piked. To be precise, if Ksenia dismount includes the partial twist, it's the Fontaine and if not it will be the piked arabian double front dismount.
For the recent Olympics, the routine was upgrated to 7.4 still with the piked double arabian dismount, she performed a steady 16.475 pts for the AA final but some slightly bent arms and grips difficulties (ripped skin in fact) placed her at the 6th place of the Bars event final.
Some of the modifications on the routine can be the add of a sequence Tkatchev + 1.5 Pirouette + Jaeger and/or the Deltchev to immediate Pak salto she sometimes performs. We can also imagine a piked Deltchev in this latest sequence.
On beam, the A-note values are from 6.3 to 6.7 (European Event final where Ksenia won the title with a full note of 15.950 pts). She also performed a strong 15.500 pts at the Moscow World Cup beam final.
On Floor, Semenova had an elegant and passionate performance with extremely fluid choreography and dance. the usual A-notes average is around 5.800, always with a good choreographic work, good linking bases but maybe needs to work on the tumbling series. We enjoy her piked full-in. With the '08 code of points, Ksenia's floor A-note needs some 0.3/0.4 to join the top routines.
With the new code, things will change a bit with less difficulties request and the way is opened for gymnasts who already own a real dance/choreagraphic feeling... Like Ksenia!!
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