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By Olga & Bernard.
2008 Europeans seniors finals.

Last day of competition and also new emotions with a good level of competition again, the large audience applaused and reacted during the evening.
The podiums of the day for the seniors were:

Vault final:
1: Oksana Chusovitina (Germany) with 14.812 pts.
2: Carlotta Giovannini (Italy) with 14.662 pts.
3: Benolli Francesca (Italy) with 14.462 pts.

Nice 4th place for Ariella Kaeslin (Switzerland) with 14. 362 pts.
Success for Oksana who performed the most impressive and difficult Vaults getting bonus for this, Giovannini performed well too. Story of bonus did the difference! Silver medal for Carlotta.
No French gymnast in this final.

Uneven Bars final:
1: Ksenia Semenova (Russia) with 15.900 pts.
2: Steliana Nistor (Romania) with 15.800 pts.
3: Darya Zgoba (Ukraine) with 15.625 pts.

Deserved success of the World Champion, Ksenia Semenova performed a complex routine and despite a little difficult passage at the end of the routine caught the Gold. Romanian Steliana Nistor, clean and precise and Zgoba for Ukraine completed the podium. Tweddle displayed a new element and a spectacular routine but lack of precision in the execution let her on the fourth rank.
No French gymnast in this final.

Balance Beam final:
1: Ksenia Semenova (Russia) with 15.950 pts.
2: Alina Kozich (Ukraine) with 15.450 pts.
2 tied: Sandra Izbasa (Romania) with 15.450 pts.

Ksenia Semenova got her second Gold medal of the day defeating Sandra Izbasa who performed her usual good and steady routine but with some wobbles this time. Alina Kozich tied for the 2nd rank.
Good 4th place for Pauline Morel who has proved she can be a medals pretender on this apparatus. Nice and promising job!

Floor final:
1: Sandra Izbasa (Romania) with 15.575 pts.
2: Elizabeth Tweddle (Great-Britain) with 15.525 pts.
3: Adriana Tamirjan (Romania) with 14.975 pts.

Deserved success for an inspired Sandra Izbasa who did the last routine of the week with dynamism, enthousiasm and finally received a giant applause and the Gold medal. Tweddle got the silver due to a very athletic and tumbling routine, but we notice some lack of precision. Adriana Tamirjan created the surprised with a clean exercice and a steady execution, she topped Anna Pavlova and Oksana Chusovitina who both displayed full and rich routines but with too many little mistakes in the execution.
Pressure for the two French girls, Cassy Vericel and Marine Petit who also had to start the final. So Marine Petit was 4th with 14.900 pts.

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Sandra Izbasa.

Beth Tweddle.

Alina Kozich.

Adriana Tamirjan.

Anna Pavlova.

Marine Petit.

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