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A. S. C. M. Toulon: a French gym team.

Here is a large gallery dedicated to the rising gym team from the city of Toulon (it's on the famous 'Côte d'Azur' region!): the A. S. C. M. Toulon did an excellent result at the French Clubs Championships getting a third place (The team of Dijon with Marine Debauve and Soraya Chaouch was the winner, the club of Marseille with Coralie Chacon was second and lost its '04 title).

Marlene Peron, Betty Dupin, Erika Morel, Jenny Kohler, Julie Martinez and the tiny and already talented Lesly Garreau delighted us during the competition with a mix of experience (Marlene Peron nice and so charming!, Betty Dupin) and the rising youth (Erika Morel and Lesly Garreau).
Keep in mind their names as several of them can pretend to enter the national junior team!
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Julie Martinez, Marlene Peron.

Marlene Peron.

Erika Morel.

Lesly Garreau.

Betty Dupin.

Lesly Garreau.

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