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Andreea Munteanu,
the little Romanian who is a rising star...

Caroline met Andreea Munteanu at the 2003 Massilia Cup, here is the Munteanu profile by an absolute Romanian fan.
Many thanks to Melanie Green for her wonderful Job translation and to Caroline who allows us to use this profile.
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If Andreea Raducan has written a new, great chapter in the history of Romanian gymnastics, another Andreea is very likely to be the talking point in Athens. Remember her name - Andreea Munteanu, 1m 45 of charm and 32 kilos of courage. She is the new little pixie of Romanian gym, whom we met for the first time at Marseilles, the day after her victory in the famous Massillia Gym Cup.
To begin with, there is an amusing detail about her name - the whole team has nicknamed her "Mutulica", which is the name of one of the seven dwarves in "Snow White", otherwise known as "Simple" ("Dopey") to us. With prominent ears, a ready smile and a mischievous look, her facial appearance tends to match that of the Disney character. And like him she looks good-humoured and cheerful wherever she goes in the gymnastics hall.
Andreea has every reason to be happy. At the dawn of her young career and at barely 16 years old, she is already the Romanian champion and a world team silver medallist, and she doesn't intend to stop now when she is doing so well. Her victory at Marseilles was only one step along the way. "I'm really happy to have won the Massillia Cup because it was a very high-class field. But I won't really be satisfied until I have achieved my main goal, which is a team Olympic gold medal," she declares in a calm voice, only to add mischievously, "To be crowned all-around Olympic champion would also suit me quite nicely!".
If one considers that her distinguished predecessors (Milosovici, Gogean, Amanar, Raducan), were all winners of multiple Olympic medals and all at one point won the Massillia Trophy, last November's victory would seem to augur well for her.
In the meantime the girl from Constanta dreams of following in the footsteps of her idol, Simona Amanar, who is also from the same town. She has made a promising start, entering Deva in October 2002 and in less than a year turning from a complete unknown into a rising star of gymnastics. Such was the transformation, that Octavian Belu selected her for the World Championships in Anaheim. The national trainer believed in this girl, and selected her to compete on all 4 apparatus, which enabled her to enter competition II (the all around for the top 24 gymnasts).
In her first big competition Mutilica was still a little inexperienced and only finished 15th with a total of 36.074, primarily because of a fall on bars. Fatigue and pressure probably played a part, even though Andreea does defend her performance : "Our trainer had talked to us about the particular atmosphere that pervades competitions in the US. Mentally we felt strong, we were psychologically prepared for that! Unfortunately we all made unforced errors, including me, and this cost us the title."

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