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Essential dates of the gymnastics history

Some French gymnastics dates:
First French female Europeans title in 2000 for Ludivine Furnon on Floor.
First French Rsg medal at the Europeans of Prague 1995 (third rank for the French Rsg group).
The first French junior European Champion : Elodie Lussac in 1993.
First French Europeans women medal for Melanie Legros in Nantes 92 (Silver on Floor).
The Union of the gym associations became the French Federation of gymnastics in April 1942.
Creation of the Union of the Gymnastics associations of France in 1873 (September, Paris).

International gymnastics dates:
First Swiss Cup in December 1983.
First Dtb Cup (Deutsche Turner Band Cup) in November 1983 (4/6).
First Pacific Alliance Championships in 1981.
First Chunichi Cup in 1972 (Held in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan).
A yearly famous meet of the 70's-80's was the Soviet Display in Wembley, the first one was managed in 1972.
First Champions All Tournament in 1969 (a grand classic during the 70's and 80's).
First Balkans Championships in1969 (artistics and rhythmics).

Rhythmic gymnastics dates:
Years 2000 and 2001 : years of shame for the Rsg sport with the scandals of the Europeans of Saragosse (judges notations and unsporting notation advantages), the '10' mania in judging the best world gymnasts, the doping facts for two Russian competitors at the Brisbane Goodwill Games 2001 and the Worlds of Madrid 2001.
First 'modern gymnastics' International competition in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1960.

Misc. gymnastics dates:
Opening of the Romanian training Center of Deva in 1978. (Onesti and Bucharest were the two other centers in the 70's).
Introduction of the famous vault skill by Mitsuo Tsukahara at the 1970 World Championships.
The G.D.R. Gym Association (D.T.V., East German Republic) entered the F.I.G. in 1957.
First University Games in 1955.
Creation of the men notation code (1949).
Creation of the F.I.S.U. (International University Sports Federation) in 1948.
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