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Alla's text: essential dates of the gymnastics history.

Some French gymnastics dates:
First Rsg Tournament of Thiais in 1987.
First French International of Paris Bercy in 1986.
First French Rsg Cup in 1985.
National Division 1 (DN1) created in 1980 (teams Championships).
First International Rsg Tournament of Corbeil Essonne in 1975.
First Rsg French Championships : 1971.
First French women Nationals : 1942.
First men Championships in 1890.

International gymnastics dates:
First artistic European Cup in 1988.
Creation of the Goodwill Games in 1986.
Creation of the European Gymnastics Union (U.E.G.) in 1982 (March 27th).
First Junior European Championships in 1978 (men and women, Milano, Italy).
Creation of the artistic World Cup in 1975.
Creation of the women gymnastics notation code in 1958.
First indoor World Championships in Moscow 1958.
First women European Championships in 1957.
Men European Championships created in1955.
First Gymnaestrada in The Netherlands in 1953.
The Ussr gymnasts participated in their first Olympic Games in 1952.
First Mediterranean Games in Alexandria (Egypt) in 1951.
First indoor gym competition during the London Olympic Games in 1948.
First World Championships for women in 1934 (Budapest, Hungary).
The women gym competitions at the Olympic Games (Amsterdam 1928).
First World Championships in 1903 (men).

Rhythmic gymnastics dates:
First Olympics Rsg group competition in Atlanta 1996 (Usa).
Death of the '92 World Champion Oksana Kostina (February 1993).
The break out of the Ussr in 1991.
First Rsg European Cup in 1989.
First Rsg junior European Championships in 1987.
First Olympics Rsg individual competition in L.A. 1984 (Usa, Los Angeles).
Rsg World Cup created in 1983.
First Rsg brother Cup in 1981.
Rsg European Championships created in 1978.
Rsg became the official name of the 'modern gymnastics' (F.I.G. decision in 1975).
The F.I.G. precised the 'modern gymnastics' exercices in 1968.
Rsg Worlds created in 1963 (Sofia, Bulgaria), the name was 'modern gymnastics'.

Misc. gymnastics dates:
The first event managed by the U.E.G. was the Junior European Championships of Karlsruhe (Germany) in 1986.
First use of musical themes on Floor exercices in 1953.
First appearance of the asymetric Bars in Berlin 1936. (In fact it was the usual parallel Bars of men but with different heights for each bar : Uneven Bars).
Creation of the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation in 1886.
Creation of the Italian Gym Federation in 1869.
Creation of the German Gym Federation (Deutsche Turnerschaft) in 1860.
Creation of the Switzerland Gym Federation in 1832.
Creation of the International Gym Federation in 1881 (July 23th) : in fact it was firstly the European  Gymnastics Federation Office. This organization became the F.I.G. in 1921 (April 17th) with the entry of the U.s. Federation. The first president was the Belgian Nicolas Jan Cuperus. (It was in the middle of the 80's a Cuperus Cup managed in Belgium).
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