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By Bernard.
From France: Pauline Morel.

Here is a first set of photos dedicated to the French gymnast Pauline Morel. Born the January 3rd 1992 in the city of Chenôve, she joins the national team in 2007. Pauline is a powerful and expressive gymnast. National champion in 2008, she enjoys Floor and Uneven Bars.
Currently training at the Insep (nearby Paris) and competing for the 'Elan Gymnique Rouennais ' (Rouen city gym team).
She also won several team titles with the team from Dijon ('Alliance Dijon Gym 21 ' wich is also the team of Marine Petit).
This serie of photos was done at the European Championships and the '08 French Nationals.

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Pauline 1.

Pauline 2.

Pauline 3.

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